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Archery - Coed Varsity
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Flight times for River City Shootout Jan19

Team, this is our largest tournament, and most important for the boosters, with that being said we will need all parents and archers to help before and after their flights, we will have around 30 spots to fill every flight time.

9:45AM= A. Bolt, H. Davis, T. Russell, D, Kress, E. Baysinger, N. Kidd, J. Behr, C. Clark, A. Barber, J. Baker, L. Jenkins, C. Black, K. Apple, K. McBrayer, D. Fitzpatrick, C. Adams, S. Long   12:15AM= S. Levy, E. Dolan, A. Roman, B. Shepherd, A. Fueda, C. Fueda, K. Calhoun, K. Byrd, A. Viney, M. Best, C. Best   1:30PM=  K. Purcell, E. Murphree, K. Meuret, M. Madden, L. Brandenburg, B. Mickey, J. Hutchinson, E. Jackson, J. Long  2:45PM=  K. Sizemore, L. Knizer, R. Oster, L. Haysley, C. Wagoner, P. Kelley,  H. Haddix, M. Salazar, W. Bailey, T. Roark   4:00PM=  S. Combs, G. Hoover, S. Williams, A. Marsh, J. Ratliff, J. Cox, C. Howard, K. Scogins, L. Hawkins, E. Baize, J. Weaver, W. Atkins, T. Carter, R. Gift, V. Smith  5:15PM=   Y. Kumagai, K. Duncan, N. Duncan, C. Creech, L. Colson, E. Day, O. Day, K. Walls, A. Blair, S. Gambrell, W. Christopher, S. Bingham, M. Bradley, S. Beebe, A. Johnson

Flight times for Lex Christian Academy Jan26

9:40AM-Gym1= E. Baysinger,S. Beebe,J. Behr,S. Bingham,A. Bolt,L. Brandenburg,W. Christopher,L. Colson,C. Creech,H. Davis,E. Day,D. Fitzpatrick,L. Hawkins,C. Howard,L. Kinzer,K. McBrayer,K. Sizemore,K. Walls,S. Williams 9:40AM-Gym2=A. Barber,C. Black,A. Blair,M. Bradley,T. Carter,C. Clark,O. Day,A. Fueda,C. Fueda,R. Gift,L. Haysley,S. Long,A. Marsh,K. Meuret,B. Mickey,E. Murphree,R. Oster,K. Purcell,V. Smith 10:50AM-Gym1=W. Atkins,W. Bailey,E. Baize,J. Baker,S. Combs,E. Dolan,K. Duncan, N. Duncan,S. Gambrell,J. Hutchinson,L. Jenkins,A. Johnson,P. Kelley,N. Kidd,Y. Kumagai,J. Long,T. Roark,A. Roman,C. Wagoner 10:40AM-Gym2=C. Adams,K. Apple,C. Best,M.Best,K. Byrd,K. Calhoun,J. Cox,H. Haddix,G. Hoover,D. Kress,S. Levy,M. Madden,J. Ratliff,T. Russell,M. Salazar,K. Scogin,B. Shepherd,A. Viney,J. Weaver