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Volleyball - Varsity
Tryout Dates Set

Tryouts are exactly one week away and I wanted to let everyone know about the process that we will be going through to select the team. As a brand new coaching staff we are able to look at every potential player with a clean slate. We are not burdened with old reputations, grudges or predispositions. I encouraged everyone to take this new beginning to become the player they want to be. Whether that means something as simple as trying a new position or something as complex as redefining your attitude.

During tryouts we will be evaluating each player’s ability to successfully perform the skills necessary to be competitive on the court. We will also be analyzing Volleyball IQ, attitude, coachability, athleticism and hustle. We are looking for players who are supportive of their teammates, willing to lead and LOVE volleyball. These things are not so easily analyzed in two short try out sessions but we will make our decisions objectively and thoughtfully. We have had nearly 70 different athletes attend at least one open gym and we will select around 30 players for this year’s team.

Try outs will be held on Monday and Tuesday of next week (7/23 and 7/24) and will be from 6pm-9pm. Session One will consist of registration where players will turn in all paperwork and receive a tryout number, evaluating athleticism and individual skills. Afterwards, coaches will deliberate and will post the numbers (not names) of players invited back for Session Two on the gym door. This will also be posted on the Team App. 

Session Two will consist mainly of game situations. Coaches will evaluate how players can perform their skills in high pressure situations compared to other players at their position and age group. Following session two, players will be notified of whether they have made the final roster. This will be simply a program roster meaning our Freshmen, JV and Varsity rosters will NOT be identified. These teams will be fluid throughout the season and will vary on a day to day basis.

As a staff we have discussed at great length the expectations for our athletes at each grade level and they are as follows:

Rising 7th and 8th grade players must display a maturity level and ability to contribute on the Freshmen team or higher this year.

Rising freshmen players must display the ability level to productively contribute at the freshmen level (or higher) this year 


show athletic potential and coachability/desire to improve.

Rising sophomore players must be able to contribute at the JV level (or higher) this year


show athletic potential and coachability/desire to improve.

Rising junior players must be able to contribute at the varsity level this year.

Rising senior players must be able to contribute at the varsity level this year.

It is extremely important to us that every member of the program has a role and we will be making our decisions accordingly so that we are respectful of everyone’s time. Players who are not selected who still wish to be part of the program are encouraged to ask coach about a manager role. We are looking for positive, supportive people who will help with operations on game day, taking stats and helping run practice smoothly.

As always, if you have any questions about this process please contact coach Ivetic.