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Archery - Coed Varsity
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Flight times for River City Shootout 1/20/2018

C. Adams  5:30p         L. Gaines  4:15p 

K. Apple  5:30p           L. Haney  11:45a

W. Atkins  2:00p         L. Hawkins  3:15p

A. Bailey  11:45a        R. Haysley   4:15p

W. Bailey  11:45a       A. Johnson   1p

J. Baker  3:15p           P. Kelley   1p

A. Barber  11:45a        N. Kidd  4:15p

E. Baysinger  5:30p     D. Kress  5:30p

J. Behr  5:30p              B. Lee   11:45a

N. Behr  5:30p             H. Lee    3:15p

S. Bingham  3:15p       E. Lockwood  3:15p

C. Black  1:00p            S. Long  2p

L. Brandenburg  3:15p  M. Love  3:15p

T. Carter  3:15p             H. Marion  4:15p       

C. Clark  1:00p               K. McBrayer  2p

C. Cobuluis  4:15p          B. Mickey  2p

S. Combs  5:30p            R. Oster   2p

C. Creech  4:15p          C. Parker  4:15p

H. Davis  5:30p               K. Purcell  4:15p

K. Dunaway  3:15p          T. Renfrow  11:45a

M. Fields  3:15p              A. Roman  11:45a

D. Fitzpatrick  3:15p        S. Russell  4:15p

A. Fueda  11:45a            T. Russell  2p

B. Shepherd  5:30p         E. Spencer  11:45a

O. Spencer  11:45a         K. Walls   4:15p

K. Williams   4:15p           S. Williams  5:30p

A. Blair  9:30a                  B. Blair   9:30a

I hope I got everyones times correct, all flights but two have openings, so I can still change times to help with your volunteer schedule. Thanks again for all your help with the tournaments. Mid-America Sports Ctr. 1906 Watterson Trail Louisville, Ky (Exit 17) I-64



Flight times for LCA 1/27/2018

C. Adams7:30p----W. Atkins9:45a ---- A. Bailey9:45a

W. Bailey9:45a----J. Baker9:45a---- A. Barber7:30p

E. Baysinger8:30a----S. Beebe9:45a----J. Behr8:30a

N. Behr8:30a----S. Bingham7:30p----C. Black7:30p

A. Blair9:45a----B. Blair9:45a--- L. Brandenburg9:45a

M. Bredberg7:30p----T. Carter7:30p----C. Clark7:30p

S. Combs7:30p----C. Creech7:30p----H. Davis8:30a

M. Fields9:45a----D. Fitzpatrick7:30p---A. Fueda9:45a

B. Goldey9:45a----L. Haney7:30p----L. Hawkins7:30p

R. Haysley9:45a----L. Jenkins8:30a----A. Johnson7:30p

P. Kelley9:45a----L. Kelly7:30p----N. Kidd9:45a

D. Kress7:30p----B. Lee8:30a----H. Lee9:45a

C. Lewis7:30p----E. Lockwood9:45a----S. Long7:30p

A. Marsh9:45a----K. McBrayer9:45a----B. Mickey9:45a

R. Oster9:45a----C. Parker7:30p----K. Purcell7:30p

T. Renfrow7:30p----A. Roman8:30a----T. Russell9:45a

B. Shepherd8:30a----E. Spencer8:30a----O. Spencer8:30a

K. Walls8:30a----K. Williams8:30a----S. Williams7:30p

All PM flights are Friday 1/26, AM flights are Staurday 1/27. I still have a few flights open if anyone wants to shoot, you must have your fees in at practice 1/16.                   Lexington Christian Academy 450 West Reynolds Road Lexington, Ky.