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Archery - Coed Varsity
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Flight times for AME 12/14/2019

C. Adams-3pm, E. Baize-3pm, K. Baramee-2pm, Jada Behr-3pm, Jas. Behr-3pm, C. Best-2pm, M. Best-2pm, C. Black-3pm, A. Bolt-3pm, C. Bond-2pm, L. Brandenburg-3pm, Peem-2pm, G. Childress-2pm, H. Davis-3pm, S. Denhem-3pm, E. Dolan-3pm, K. Duncan-3pm, N. Duncan-3pm, D. Fitzpatrick-3pm, A. Fox-2pm, S. Gambrell-3pm, M. Gray-3pm, M. Harrington-2pm, S. Hensley-2pm, J. Hutchinson-2pm, N. Kidd-3pm, L. Kinzer-3pm, S. Levy-2pm, J. Long-3pm, M. Madden-2pm, T. McKinney-2pm, R. Oster-3pm, A. Prater-2pm, J. Ratliff-2pm, K. Scogin-2pm, V. Smith-3pm

"Cardinal MANIA"

Cardinal Mania will be Monday, November 4 in the main gym. I would like for everyone to attend that can make it, please wear your team jersey or archer shirt or SCHS shirt of some kind. This is YOUR time to stand out and be recognized to your school and all three middle schools in the county. We are scheduled to be recognized on the main gym floor at around 6:40pm so get there early (starts at 5pm) so you can walk around meet the middle schoolers that will be your classmates and team mates, and show everyone that attends why WE are the " #ONE team in our one town". Its going to be a fun time, we coaches are so VERY proud of each and every one of you, on YOUR night.